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Phone: 773 957-2909

Vision Statement
  • Establish biblical based studies that will bring an understanding of God to others  
  • Increase community awareness and aid those less fortunate  
  • Help educate those who have the passion for learning 
  • Feed those who are hungry and aid with shelter to those in need
  • Establish jobs, youth and senior programs in our communities

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   Chicago, IL
Community Outreach
Our goal is to stay on top of the  community needs. 
     773 957 - 2909

  • Be part of a winning team
  • Help Others
  • Make a Difference
  • Have Fun

God We Trust

To continue to deny those things that hold us back! And believe that we can do all things thru Jesus Christ..  

You are an achiever! But first you must be a believer.
                             Melvin Mayden Ministries
                         Community Outreach
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Job Description; Community Worker
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About Us
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Mission Statement
Help fight hunger, poverty and raise awareness in communities

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